Sunday, April 29, 2007

carnival complete

i survived! we had the family housing carnival yesterday, which is the event of the year for our residents. i was more nervous planning this thing that i was planning our wedding. it was a huge success and it feels so good to have it under my belt. now i feel like whatever comes my way at work, i have already lived through in some way or form.
the 30' inflatable slide was a raging success and i got lots of positive feedback from everyone. yea for people in this neighborhood being happy! it is a rarity unfortunately.
hopefully i will have more exciting things to put on our blog now that this is behind me--it was all consuming. our apartment has been such a mess for the past two weeks, but my excuse has now expired, so hopefully i can bring it back to livable.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

couple friends and summer trips

getting married makes finding "couple friends" a nightmare. we are grateful for the friends we knew prior to us saying "i do" who also walked down the aisle that year, but trying to meet new people is a whole different story. i like the woman because she is funny and we have lots in common, brandon and the other guy have nothing to talk about except uh, being married. we all know that conversation stops being entertaining after about five minutes. trying to force it is just painful, so often there is no more hanging out. moving on...anyone out there that we will both like both of them? oh dear god i hope that can exist for us!

on another note, i got our two year anniversary trip all planned. Last year was a bust and i knew we had to fight the anniversary rut. So we are going to the wonderfully hippie town of Nelson, B.C. We are going to stay at this hotel--which looks modern, stylish, nice...oh, and cheap. it also got a good review from a reliable source at work: There will be camping beforehand, yummy food all the way through, relaxing, mountain biking, a chic hotel, and hopefully some fun hippie store shopping.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

blog aversion

although there is joy in reading other peoples' blogs, i have not felt compelled to create one of our own. to put it plainly, we just do not lead the sort of life that is newsworthy! but maybe this will be a way we can share some photos and our day-to-day overstreet life.
i will now begin working on being interesting...which means stepping away from the computer.