Saturday, October 19, 2013

t minus 10 weeks

how far along: 30+ weeks
total weight gain/loss: 25 lbs
maternity clothes: currently i am working on some painting projects for our kitchen remodel, so i am spending the day in painting clothes, which means my belly is hanging out the bottom of my shirt. i'm sure i have paint on my belly, but i can't see it so i'll pretend it isn't there!
stretch marks: still none, but i feel my skin on my stomach crying "mercy" so i think it is just a matter of time.
sleep: a few rough nights earlier this week, but the last two nights have been solid and i have a whole different lease on life!
best moment this week: when our friend's daughter, anjali, was able to feel the baby's movements and was so excited to "touch the baby."

food cravings: apple cider!
gender: female.
what i miss: not having a laundry list of things that i need to do every night. between the last stage of our kitchen remodel, my grading (for 4 classes!), and projects for the nursery, i wonder how i will get all this stuff done.
milestones: brandon and i completed "birthing class" this past weekend down in fort collins. it was incredibly helpful for both of us and initiated conversation that otherwise might not have come up. in addition, we squeezed in one last camping trip for the year, which is also likely the last camping trip with just the two of us. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

did time suddenly speed up?

how far along: 29 weeks
total weight gain/loss: 23 lbs
maternity clothes: oh yeah! and when i try to wear my regular t-shirts, they get caught on my bump, so the bottom of my belly hangs out the bottom. i'm trying to bring back the crop-top, apparently.
stretch marks: still none! 
sleep: pregnancy insomnia has been a real pain in the ass because i know i am not going to sleep through the night once she is here and i would really like to be able to do so now! 
best moment this week: feeling the love of my many laramie (and elsewhere) friends at my shower this past weekend!
movement: lots of rolling, big movement lately.
food cravings: chocolate.
gender: female.
what i miss: my normal face. pregnancy "fat face" has set in so in all my photos i look super puffy!
milestones: my mom and i spent saturday evening sorting through all the baby clothes she already has and grouping them into sizes. let me tell you, this little girl already has a lot of clothes (mostly hand-me-downs from anjali) but definitely has more newborn-sized clothes than she will EVER be able to wear! it was strange to go through all of these things and think that a little person will soon be wearing these adorable onesies.