Friday, March 4, 2011

graduation, round II

brandon & are both going to graduate this may, which will be chaotic & fun--running from my ceremony at 8:30am to his at noon & then to my social work department party after that. sometimes i think, bah, who needs all this ceremonial stuff? asking people to sit through this boring events makes me question attending even more. 

but my dad is coming out, per his demand to see us both graduate. we were shocked that anyone wanted to make the long journey here just to see us wear funny outfits & be hooded, but my dad was adamant that of course he was coming! so we are doing this whole pomp & circum-whatever bit on may 6. i don't think i will regret it afterwards, although the running around in heels on the day of may drive me a tinge batty.

i am worried it will also feel like a sham. there is no way in the current time-space continuum we occupy that brandon nor i will be done with our theses until the end of may. which means we are going to walk across the stage, get that silly little {empty} book, & have our advisors put our master's hoods over our heads knowing all-the-while that we aren't really done done. hmph.

the day of our wedding {almost 6 years ago now!!!} we found out that our friend & mentor who was officiating the ceremony may not have been current on his license. there was no turning back to find a legitimate pastor at that point, so we proceeded onwards with the ceremony & requiste form signing. we joked for a few months about our fraudulent ceremony, hoping the bureaucracy of the state of oregon wouldn't notice. we haven't heard from them since, so hopefully they haven't noticed {or it doesn't matter} because it would be awkward to have to go through that whole wedding business again. 

i think participating in our graduations might feel a little like our wedding, but this time instead of just worrying it might be a fake we will know it really is just a show.