Thursday, June 20, 2013


my apologies for the continued quiet. i thought life would be less busy and i would have more fun things to blog about, but i have been mostly working, working, and working some more. however, tomorrow marks the beginning of a very good thing: summer break for me!

a few months back i got an overwhelmingly positive performance evaluation from my boss. it made me wonder if he was really paying attention, because it was THAT positive. but i capitalized on his glowing assessment and negotiated for a bit of "free time" compensation, since raises are not permissible for state employees this year. what that means is i get to have all of july and half of august free. already july is booked, which is a little nutty, but it will be filled with so many great things: a week of work at the hospital, a visit from becky, the overstreet family reunion, and then the month will conclude with me taking my... [dun, dun, dun] ... licensure exam.

before any of those great things come, an even greater thing will happen first: my brother is marrying the most wonderful woman next saturday. my little brother, who came home looking like a wrinkly old man, and who i instantly loved and loathed, is getting married. it is such a mind trip in one way and then in another sense, it is absolutely the most "right" thing in the world. weddings are generally joyous celebrations, but this one just feels overwhelmingly happy to me. these two are meant to be together and now they will be forever.

aren't they just the best?!?