Tuesday, September 30, 2014

jude, 9 months

age: 9 months

weight: unsure, but she feels substantially heavier these days. 

length: unsure.

clothing size: 9 months , with more and more 12 month items fitting.

nicknames: jude bug, judeabega, and juda. 

health: earlier this month we thought jude was (finally) getting some teeth, she was generally cranky and chomping ferociously on EVERYTHING. she had a few days of fever so we gave her tylenol regularly and tried to be especially comforting. eventually she stopped drinking her bottles of breastmilk or water, which was alarming. i took 1/2 a day off work to stay home to nurse her and replenish her fluids. on the 4th day, she broke out in a rash that covered a good 70% of her body and left her scratching her scalp. i called the nurses line through our pediatrician's clinic for the first time. turns out she had a textbook case of viral fever rash. and still no teeth for this little one. 

sleep: her virus messed up her sleeping for a few weeks, where she was waking every 1.5-2 hours. it was brutal and we were not functioning well. she finally resumed normalcy again. whew. 

diet: she still hasn't met a thing she doesn't love to eat!

baby gear love: her outside swing. it makes her deliriously happy!

loves: making a surprised face accompanied by "ohhh", wooden puzzles, dancing, chuckling, silent laughs, and balloons.

dislikes: not getting what she wants when she wants it (yeah, that starts early).

milestones: she has started saying "bye-bye" pretty consistently, melting everyone's hearts. she also is on the verge of legitimate crawling and currently drags her lower body around army-crawl style. lastly, she met the ocean, specifically the pacific ocean. given that she is a total water baby, she LOVED getting her feet wet and wiggling her toes in the sand.