Sunday, March 29, 2009

the ballots are in...

and we are both into graduate school--at the same places to boot!  we have known for a couple of weeks that we both got into university of minnesota duluth.  brandon got a sweet financial package (full ride!) and i got an in-state tuition waiver, with the possibility of more funding through a fellowship.  we were all amped up to go to duluth, where neither of us have even been near and try out a new adventure.  i wasn't thrilled with the program, but then again i was accepted into grad school so i was content with that.

and then, we heard from wyoming.  on monday i found out that i was accepted, which lead to an interesting domino effect that tumbled in over the course of 3 minutes.  that's right, i went to the bathroom and when i emerged, brandon told me life just got really crazy.  i'm thinking, "no way, i was hardly out of the room!"  anyhow, the news he got was that he got a full-ride to wyoming (with even more of a living stipend than minnesota offered).  the catch was that they HAD to meet him in person before this offer was "official".  however, we have to let minnesota know our intentions by april 1; this my friends is why brandon will board a plane tomorrow morning, bound for laramie, wyoming.  the geology department is paying for the whole thing (including the last minute airfare from small airport to small airport)! 

after the flight was booked for him, i got a call from the director of the social work program--the director of the whole department!!!  anyhow, she called and let me know i was one of their top 5 students and that they really want me there.  they will cover all my tuition, most of my student fees and insurance, and pay me a monthly stipend (which happens to be more money than i make working two jobs now!).  

so it all comes down to brandon's trip if we go to wyoming.  we were stoked about duluth and the charm of a new city and an unfamiliar part of the country.  however, free has a beautiful ring to it, don't you think?  all we asked for was that we both get into the same place and now the grace is pouring in and we are being so taken care of.  

here are the two places, neither a bad choice i don't think:
duluth waterfront, reminds me of magnolia or ballard in seattle.
and the amazing rocks and mountain ranges that surround laramie

i am especially proud of brandon for the way that these two places are pursuing him.  it is obvious that he is very much wanted by each program!  he knows i think he is brilliant and gifted, but to have people he hasn't even met confirm that makes me happy.  he deserves this big time!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

all eyes on the cupped cakes

kemi and sara showed us this crazy video from "it's me or the dog".  maybe we are lucky our australian shepherd doesn't have the blue ghost eyes or we may have this trance in our lives too.  sometimes harvey gets a little too focused on his sharkie toy, but hasn't gone this far yet.  

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

my bros, the all-stars

as most of you know, i have a lot of younger brothers.  4 to be exact. they are all so different and i am proud of each of them for millions of things.  in particular i am proud of my brothers ross and rodney for sticking out a tough basketball season.  they had a new coach this year that required far more of them than any of us in my family thought fair: 6 to 7 practices a week, late-nights, early-mornings, pre-season games and tournaments.  it has been a grueling year for these guys and i am immensely proud of these two for sticking with the team even when it may not have seemed worth it.  

rodney moved up from jv to varsity mid-season and blew us all away.  we knew he was good on the jv team, but he was just a fantastic on the varsity.  his photo even made the bend bulletin.  and what kind of a proud sister would i be if i didn't post the link to his photos?  here it is, although you will have to push the double arrows to get to the picture of rodney.  the first photo that comes up is off ross (not my brother though), who made the mcdonald's all-american team.  that's right, the little town of sisters had an all-american team-member.  aren't we cool?  mostly just these guys are.  

way to stick it out boys.  it was so fun to be around for all the nail-biter games and to watch you make it this far.  now take the break you so deserve!