Tuesday, March 3, 2009

my bros, the all-stars

as most of you know, i have a lot of younger brothers.  4 to be exact. they are all so different and i am proud of each of them for millions of things.  in particular i am proud of my brothers ross and rodney for sticking out a tough basketball season.  they had a new coach this year that required far more of them than any of us in my family thought fair: 6 to 7 practices a week, late-nights, early-mornings, pre-season games and tournaments.  it has been a grueling year for these guys and i am immensely proud of these two for sticking with the team even when it may not have seemed worth it.  

rodney moved up from jv to varsity mid-season and blew us all away.  we knew he was good on the jv team, but he was just a fantastic on the varsity.  his photo even made the bend bulletin.  and what kind of a proud sister would i be if i didn't post the link to his photos?  here it is, although you will have to push the double arrows to get to the picture of rodney.  the first photo that comes up is off ross (not my brother though), who made the mcdonald's all-american team.  that's right, the little town of sisters had an all-american team-member.  aren't we cool?  mostly just these guys are.  

way to stick it out boys.  it was so fun to be around for all the nail-biter games and to watch you make it this far.  now take the break you so deserve!

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andreaandwill said...

Hey lady- Wagawan? Mi kyan wait fi see ya! How is life treating you- Thanks for the e-mail about Mac stuff- we're figuring out all the ins and outs of it :) love it of course! You just keep us updated on the best time for you to visit in Augst while we're in boise?? We'll block out some quality time for coffee- sushi- and whatever else you might be intersted in- maybe a rodeo :) ha ha! When do you leave for Costa Rica- I should just send you an e-mail for these details! Maybe I'll do that! I hope you're doing well- Love and Miss you!