Wednesday, March 11, 2009

all eyes on the cupped cakes

kemi and sara showed us this crazy video from "it's me or the dog".  maybe we are lucky our australian shepherd doesn't have the blue ghost eyes or we may have this trance in our lives too.  sometimes harvey gets a little too focused on his sharkie toy, but hasn't gone this far yet.  

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Lyssa said...

I saw that episode. That shot made that dog look a lot weirder than he really was. I think his lip was stuck on his teeth there. In the next shot of him staring at the cupcakes he'd moved his mouth and fixed it so he looked normal again.

Though, even with a normal mouth those blue eyes can be piercing and kind of freaky... I'm glad Max only has a blue spot on mostly brown eyes. Hooray for Aussies of all sizes :)