Monday, June 30, 2014

jude, 6 months

age: 6 months

weight: unsure

length: unsure

clothing size: 6 months and up, with a few of our favorite 3 month onesies stretching to their max.

nicknames: jude bug, judabaga, and jude girl. 

health: rocking it!

sleep: she rubs her eyes between 7:30 and 8, so we take our cues from her and put her down somewhere in that timeframe. while she continues to sleep through the night, she also continues to be a mediocre napper (although i hear she does well for her grandma). on our trip however, she could not stand the thought of missing a single second so she did not nap, for 2 days in a row. it was not my favorite stretch of time, but, to her credit, she did hold it together pretty well!

diet: breast milk 98% of the time. a few teething biscuits and some avocado off my plate. we didn't want to deal with transition or the mess while on our trip, so we intentionally chose to postpone solids until we got back. clearly she isn't starving. 

baby gear love: she digs her "exersaucer" although we call it the overstimulation station. our house is really looking like the house where a baby lives. so much equipment everywhere.

loves: her uncle justin, her little lovey bunny, and getting a reaction out of her family with her pathetic little fake cough.  

dislikes: boring airplane rides, getting back in the carseat after only a short break, and having the sun in her eyes.

milestones: she officially rolls. everywhere. it may have taken her a while to get to this stage, but she is making up for lost time. she likes to get herself under furniture where we have to pull her out. she also had her first flight and did well, although she got bored at about the 1.5 hour mark.