Sunday, August 12, 2012

the projects never cease

while brandon was in greenland, i got a little crazy with paint in our bedroom. having our friends (heath & emily) painting every room in their house & seeing the transformations they were enjoying inspired me to get on making something of our room. 

when we moved in we had a door from our bedroom to the back of the refridgerator. random! rob helped brandon remedy that situation back in february, but we hadn't done anything to make our bedroom more cozy otherwise. 

home inspection day:

end of june:


i was terrified to put such a dark color on my ceiling, fearing it would make the room seem smaller. in fact, the opposite happened. our room feels tall & luxurious. i love it! 

i also rewired the boring glass plate light with this drum light--i brag about this accomplishment to anyone that will listen. in actuality, rewiring a basic light is not as hard as anyone says. the drum light makes the room feel more finished & stands out (nicely) against the blue. 

i'm sure the colors aren't everyones cup of tea, but brandon came home to the surprise & was pleased. provided he & i like it, that is all that matters, right? we have a bit of chair rail to replace from the anti-door project, but that will have to wait until brandon gets back from this round of field work. (is this guy ever home?)