Saturday, August 25, 2007

hurry up and wait

doesn't it always seem to go that way? you rush, rush, rush only to wait around.

mom, matt, and alex came up to visit us for a couple of days and we made some wonderful memories and ate LOTS of tasty food. they left this morning and we were sad to say goodbye. i think that is the most time i have spent with alex in five years. hopefully trips like that will be more frequent!

on friday, we hurriedly did a quick shopping adventure and quickly ate lunch with an old family friend so we could spend the afternoon in bayview with aunt kris, uncle john, carol and tony. we called, we waited, we walked the docks, we each had a drink, we called again, we overcame into the "secure" lock area, and then we waited some more. two and a half hours in total of waiting. but it was some of the most enjoyable waiting i have done in a long time!

trying to suprise your family while they are enjoying their day out on the lake doesn't yield the desired results, but we had a great day anyhow!

here are some photos of structures that were probably built quickly so they could meet a need and now they get to sit around and wait:

Sunday, August 19, 2007

kayaking the kiwi

we ran up to north for a wedding (which we missed entirely) and met up with a bliss-stick dealer. brandon has wanted to check out the kiwi boat company so he took the "RAD" out for a spin. meanwhile, i took photos. these are just a few, as there were over 100 in total. you can see more on our site (click the link on the left sidebar.)

so this is us being,
(i think i am looking a little maori here, just need some face tattoos.)

the beautiful country we found ourselves in.

brandon showing off some sweet moves.

two of my talents: taking silly photos and balancing things on my head.
we even found a little love on the beach shore--we left the unique rock there to make someone else smile. my favorite picture of the day. i just like the lines and the contrast in black and white.
our little outback served us well this weekend, as a dining room, a sleeping pad, an off-road machine, and occasionally as a changing station. a colorful we are, the blissfully happy couple!unfortunately i was unable to catch a single photo of the 15 trains that blew by our make-shift campsight last night (in a parking lot). who knew trains were so busy these days? we are pretty tired tonight and looking forward to sleeping in a bed (with sheets, and without nearby train tracks or nosy parking lot guests).

Sunday, August 12, 2007

imac in abu dhabi

i have been anxiously tracking the status of our ipod and imac. both have shipped now!
however, the shipping log for the ipod shows it going from shanghia to anchorage to indianapolis to portland. a real direct route. hmmm... what are these mac folks doing to me?
as for the computer, it went shanghia to anchorage to memphis. what on earth is my computer doing in memphis? hopefully picking up some music! it seems absurd to me that it wouldn't just be shipped south from anchorage to portland. it may as well go to abu dhabi for a well-rounded trip!
its no wonder we have a fuel crisis. among many causes, arbitarily shipping people's orders all over the world doesn't seem like the best use of our dwendeling supply of oil.
i'm not really angry (although the above rant would lead one to think so) i am just at a loss. hopefully the box arrives with fun stickers from all of the places our computer and ipod have been to lately!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

icicles in august?!?

brandon awoke this morning at 2:30 to unusual august weather conditions: below 32 degrees! freezing temperatures make it hard to understand how the fire danger could be so great that they have to work these crazy hours.
this photo is of the drill rig (and the brat)
this is the meadow near their current drill site, awakening from a foggy slumber
and yes, those are icicles in august!
needless to say, brandon was grumpy at four in the morning. what a way to start your day!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

in other news..

the most exciting thing for our week is the purchase of our new computer (see previous post), but that is not to say that nothing else has been going on around here.

this weekend, papa and rodney came for a quick visit. they made me see two shoot-em-up movies, so brandon owes me a few "lindsey's picks". living with three men for a weekend was a bit much for me. i was, however, very sad to see them go.

brandon has had an interesting turn of events with his work schedule. due to fire danger, his drilling team has been forced to go to a hoot owl schedule: 1am-1pm. i get home at 4:30, we eat dinner, he goes to bed. as you can imagine, lots of good quality time! i just hope he adjusts quickly.

as for me, i have been gluten-free for about 1 month now. mom motivated me to cut out gluten (wheat) and dairy, as she and i are both allergic to them. they call a gluten intolerance celiacs disease (think: silly yak)

eating this way is expensive, requires major self-control and meal planning, but is well worth it. i feel worlds better and have more energy for each day. just don't put a basket of warm sourdough down in front of me!

so, if you know any good non-shoot-em-up movies, please share. also, sans-gluten recipes will be gladly accepted. other than that, come visit us!


look out world, the overstreets are becoming mac addicts!

we did it...we bought an iMac tonight. the new version was released today and we bought our very own just this evening. we might actually be at the crest of the technology wave for about two weeks.

we sent it to oregon to avoid $99.00 in sales tax, so it will come when mom comes to visit. mmm, we can't wait!

anyhow, here are some photos of our new prized possession...
oh, so thin!
nice and sleek!
we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our new machine, and the icing on the cake is that as students, we got a free iPod! so now i can be cool like brandon and rock out to my own iTunes. if i could just get my brothers over here to help me program it!