Tuesday, August 7, 2007

in other news..

the most exciting thing for our week is the purchase of our new computer (see previous post), but that is not to say that nothing else has been going on around here.

this weekend, papa and rodney came for a quick visit. they made me see two shoot-em-up movies, so brandon owes me a few "lindsey's picks". living with three men for a weekend was a bit much for me. i was, however, very sad to see them go.

brandon has had an interesting turn of events with his work schedule. due to fire danger, his drilling team has been forced to go to a hoot owl schedule: 1am-1pm. i get home at 4:30, we eat dinner, he goes to bed. as you can imagine, lots of good quality time! i just hope he adjusts quickly.

as for me, i have been gluten-free for about 1 month now. mom motivated me to cut out gluten (wheat) and dairy, as she and i are both allergic to them. they call a gluten intolerance celiacs disease (think: silly yak)

eating this way is expensive, requires major self-control and meal planning, but is well worth it. i feel worlds better and have more energy for each day. just don't put a basket of warm sourdough down in front of me!

so, if you know any good non-shoot-em-up movies, please share. also, sans-gluten recipes will be gladly accepted. other than that, come visit us!

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Maryann Shaw said...

Oh, Lindsey, I miss you too! Yeah, I spend a lot of time on my blog now... :) I think it's a kind of creative outlet that is easy and free! It will be interesting to take the theology quiz again in a few years, see if it's at all different. How are you? Coming into Seattle any time soon???