Sunday, August 19, 2007

kayaking the kiwi

we ran up to north for a wedding (which we missed entirely) and met up with a bliss-stick dealer. brandon has wanted to check out the kiwi boat company so he took the "RAD" out for a spin. meanwhile, i took photos. these are just a few, as there were over 100 in total. you can see more on our site (click the link on the left sidebar.)

so this is us being,
(i think i am looking a little maori here, just need some face tattoos.)

the beautiful country we found ourselves in.

brandon showing off some sweet moves.

two of my talents: taking silly photos and balancing things on my head.
we even found a little love on the beach shore--we left the unique rock there to make someone else smile. my favorite picture of the day. i just like the lines and the contrast in black and white.
our little outback served us well this weekend, as a dining room, a sleeping pad, an off-road machine, and occasionally as a changing station. a colorful we are, the blissfully happy couple!unfortunately i was unable to catch a single photo of the 15 trains that blew by our make-shift campsight last night (in a parking lot). who knew trains were so busy these days? we are pretty tired tonight and looking forward to sleeping in a bed (with sheets, and without nearby train tracks or nosy parking lot guests).


Maryann Shaw said...

the picture of your chaco feet is my new wallpaper on my macbook.

loverstreet said...

i'm so glad you like them! (my chaco feet that is.)