Wednesday, November 26, 2014

jude, 11 months

age: 11 months

weight: breaking the 20 lb. mark, but not sure by how much.

length: unsure

clothing size: 12 months.

nicknames: jude bug, bug, judeabega, and juda remain the top pics.

health: brandon and i came down with horrible 24-hr stomach bugs within a day of one another. we held her back from daycare, assuming she was next in line. but this girl must have a strong immune system from all the stuff she picks up off the floor and puts straight into her mouth. or maybe from is all the slobbery kisses harvey bestows upon her? regardless of how she avoided the nasty bug, we were beyond relieved when a solid week passed without a sign of sickness. 

sleep: due to variety of factors (staying in a hotel or at my moms, teething, brandon being out of town, etc.) i was tolerating a 3:00-3:20 wake-up with a quick  nurse and then back to bed. my friend at work, a dad of two toddlers, challenged me on why i was letting that one fly. that night we didn't go when she cried at 3:18 and she was back to sleep in less than 5 minutes without trying again any night since. i feel so duped in hindsight!

diet: she is still a fan of pretty much every food you put in front of her, but has developed a special affinity for goldfish crackers. she would eat her weight in them if we kept her in supply.

baby gear love: our bar-mounted "high seat" where she eats her meals and entertains herself while we cook dinner or clean-up the kitchen. it doesn't take much space and it packs easily for travel. 

loves: her daycare! she is so happy to be at miss tammi's, with the other kids and the pup named, homie. it warms my heart to see her dig it there and makes having to leave her with a stranger a heck of a lot easier knowing she is happy as a clam. on her first day there, she came home with her first ponytail. it was hilarious!

dislikes: she still hates taking naps when i am home. she doesn't seem to have a problem with naps for other people, but 100% of the time she does when i'm around and, 75% of the time when brandon is with her. little girl doesn't want to miss a thing!

milestones: she doesn't do too much that is new, but she does everything at double-speed now. she also seems to know when she is touching something she shouldn't (i.e. the nightlight, the plants, etc.) because she looks at you slyly to see what your reaction will be and then tears off in the opposite direction.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

jude, 10 months

age: 10 months

weight: 19.5 pounds

length: 27.5 inches.

clothing size: 12 months.

nicknames: jude bug, judeabega, and juda still hold strong. sometimes she is just "bug". 

health: she continues to be super healthy. we are so thankful her health has been as easy as her spirit. she starts daycare part-time soon so hopefully her immune system is ready for the germ-fest!

sleep: mostly through the night, with disruptions here and there that totally throw us off!

diet: all the foods. no dislikes, she even pulled sliced beets off my plate and chomped away. yucko!

baby gear love: her pack 'n play and pieces of string. now that she is on the move all.the.time. having her contained in the garage or his office space is the only way brandon can get much done on his days with jude. she also loves to play with strings of all kinds. forget expensive toys, she appears to like the simplest of things!

loves: practicing her "walking" by holding onto our fingers and dragging us around the house. she also loves talking to perfect strangers, which is painful for her introverted parents. 

dislikes: getting in the carseat or taking naps. now that she can pull herself up to sitting or standing, naps are so blase. 

milestones: legitimately crawling (from time-to-time), pulling herself up to standing, and lowering herself back down.