Wednesday, October 24, 2012

brandon is a YouTube star!

i think most folks know that brandon spent a couple of weeks in greenland this summer with a huge research project coming out of ucla. he was actually there during the biggest recorded melt in written history, so that was a big deal.

he was rubbing elbows with people from NASA (even people who had to skedaddle back from greenland in time for the mars rover launch because they were operating equipment on the rover!)  and riding in helicopters. it is strange to conceptualize this huge event in brandon's life and to not have any relatable experiences. i guess i have gotten incredibly used to doing things together.

anyhow, recently ucla got a video out about their work there. it is a bit propaganda ish and i cringe at the statement made at 1:40 on the video because, from the sound of things, it was far from that simplistic. never-the-less, this gives a sense of the work brandon was doing and the incredible scenery he saw.

you see a good shot of brandon launching the drone boat at about 1:28.

golly, isn't he swell?!?