Wednesday, October 24, 2012

brandon is a YouTube star!

i think most folks know that brandon spent a couple of weeks in greenland this summer with a huge research project coming out of ucla. he was actually there during the biggest recorded melt in written history, so that was a big deal.

he was rubbing elbows with people from NASA (even people who had to skedaddle back from greenland in time for the mars rover launch because they were operating equipment on the rover!)  and riding in helicopters. it is strange to conceptualize this huge event in brandon's life and to not have any relatable experiences. i guess i have gotten incredibly used to doing things together.

anyhow, recently ucla got a video out about their work there. it is a bit propaganda ish and i cringe at the statement made at 1:40 on the video because, from the sound of things, it was far from that simplistic. never-the-less, this gives a sense of the work brandon was doing and the incredible scenery he saw.

you see a good shot of brandon launching the drone boat at about 1:28.

golly, isn't he swell?!?


Maryann said...

yes he is!! Wow. I bet he got some reaaaally cool pictures from that trip. I hope your next adventure will be together!

Becky said...

We are so proud!that Brandon's hard work pursuing knowledge in his field, as well as his life experiences have afforded him such awesome experiences. Not many people can say they love what they do! But also what makes me equally proud Lindsey, is your love,support and pride in him and how you share it with everyone. I know Brandon and all of us share that same pride in you and all of your hard work and accomplishments. You do and will continue to make the world a better place! Love you!

Lyssa said...

Nice! Look at him bein all awesome and... research-y. I can so relate to your feelings of pride and love mingled with distance and disconnection. Not that you two are disconnected but that your experiences are so different right now. It's kinda funny how both Brandon and Logan have gone on to have grand adventures all over the world while both leaving their wives to tend the house/kids/dog/chickens ;)

We're gonna have to make them start planning how they'll make it up to us if we can get them to stop galavanting across the globe in the names of science, honor, and good stories for two seconds (haha). The good news is they're both making a living doing what they do so we can save up... then go on some awesome vacation! Perhaps a trip to the south pacific? ;)