Wednesday, December 19, 2007

mediocre movies

so we are crazy about netflix. it is so nice to go online and pick out movies you want--then they just show up! last night we watched "i now pronounce you chuck & larry" which didn't turn out to be worth it.

the movie is an adam sandler flick, but was a disappointment to this sandler fan. (i can't justify what i like about him, i just DO!) anyhow, it was about these two friends pretending to be in a domestic partnership so one of them could have secure pension benefits for his children. at the end of the movie i told brandon i thought it was kind of lame and he said, "yeah, but it was funny." the thing is, i don't recall laughing.

i feel like i have been more critical of comedies lately--i need my stomach and face to hurt from laughing to feel like it was worth my attention.

also, i spilled a tupperware full of quinoa all over the computer desk. i don't think there is anything else in the world that is more difficult to clean up: it is tiny, a little bit sticky, breaks apart when you touch it, and matches our carpet. i dumped the carton on accident about 0.2 seconds before brandon walked in the door: welcome home honey! he was wonderful and helped me clean it up, although i am sure we are going to continue to find it until we move out. new overstreet house rule: no eating quinoa at the computer!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

sealed envelopes

i submitted my online grad applications for UWashington, UOregon, and UArizona last night. today i have to drop a few remaining pieces in the mail and seal my graduate school fate. :)

UW and UO are the two most prestigious psych schools, so i have some anxiety about sending those off. however, there is a huge sense of relief that it is now out of my hands. we shall see how the fates align.

i have a couple more due at the beginning of january, but having these "scary" ones done takes a heavy burden off my shoulders.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

downer week

i haven't posted in a while because life has felt pretty down this past week and i don't want this to be a place full of complaints. then again, sadness is part of life so here goes...

we took the GRE and neither of us did exceptionally well overall. brandon did well on math and i did decent on verbal, but certainly not the scores we had hoped to achieve.

i walked out of the testing center and my thoughts were as follows: 1) oh my gosh, how did do that bad? 2) there is no way i did that bad! 3) what does this mean? 4) i'm not getting into UO or UW. 5) i'm not getting in anywhere. 6) crying.

since then it has been hard to shake the sadness and feelings of worthlessness. how emotionally unstable must i be right now? one bad score on one irritating test sends me over the edge?

it has also been an emotional week with papa overstreet being in and out of the hospital, some friend stress, and a major work-related crisis. needless to say, i am glad it is friday night and we are still in one piece.

i took these photos on my retreat last week. the one on the right is a healthy reminder.

just tonight we put up some white lights in our downstairs windows. it hasn't felt much like christmas to me lately, but these lights put me in the spirit. oh how i love the simplicity of white lights!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

yoga bliss to snowy stress

i just got back from a weekend yoga retreat, which we had to cut 3 hours short due to inclement weather (cold, blowing, crazy snow!). the owner of the lodge came to my yoga instructor half-way through one of our sessions today and said that we needed to leave or that we wouldn't make it back home. hmm... leave it is!
so in the middle of warrior two pose we had to pack up our bags and skedaddle out before the snow took over. no shavasan or anything! then we drove through the nasty weather on nasty roads to get home. needless to say, all the relaxing i did over the weekend may have been undone by our stressful drive.
we are home safe now, which is nice. and still, i am grateful for weekend of stretching and mindfullness.
tomorrow brandon and i have date with destiny: we take the GRE! on the practice exams i have been scoring well on the verbal, but not so well on the math and brandon vice versa. too bad we can't just combine our scores! :)
so please pray, wish, hope, root (whatever it is you would like) for our success on this exam. it will play a role in if/where we get in and how much funding we receive so it feels like a lot is on the line.
oh how i can't wait for lunch tomorrow when we have this behind us...