Saturday, December 8, 2007

downer week

i haven't posted in a while because life has felt pretty down this past week and i don't want this to be a place full of complaints. then again, sadness is part of life so here goes...

we took the GRE and neither of us did exceptionally well overall. brandon did well on math and i did decent on verbal, but certainly not the scores we had hoped to achieve.

i walked out of the testing center and my thoughts were as follows: 1) oh my gosh, how did do that bad? 2) there is no way i did that bad! 3) what does this mean? 4) i'm not getting into UO or UW. 5) i'm not getting in anywhere. 6) crying.

since then it has been hard to shake the sadness and feelings of worthlessness. how emotionally unstable must i be right now? one bad score on one irritating test sends me over the edge?

it has also been an emotional week with papa overstreet being in and out of the hospital, some friend stress, and a major work-related crisis. needless to say, i am glad it is friday night and we are still in one piece.

i took these photos on my retreat last week. the one on the right is a healthy reminder.

just tonight we put up some white lights in our downstairs windows. it hasn't felt much like christmas to me lately, but these lights put me in the spirit. oh how i love the simplicity of white lights!


Maryann Shaw said...

I took the GRE a few weeks ago too at the same time of two friends, and both of them did exceptionally well and I stank. I know it's not all that they look at for applicants, but it certainly doesn't make me excited or confident to apply. I'm sorry you two didn't do as well as hoped. I wish we could hang out and vent together! I also hope that you are able to get into the Christmas spirit!

loverstreet said...

where are you apply and for what kind of programs?

things are on the up now, i met with a counselor from the career and professional planning office on campus and she helped me fine-tune my statements of purpose. i feel more confident with her advice under my belt.

also, i am quite in the mood for Christmas now: lights, gifts, wrapping paper, cocoa--i'm set!

Maryann said...

Yay! I was going to apply this year to UW for library science, and maybe apply for some distance programs at other schools, but I decided to wait another year and get some more experience at my job. But I really hope you get into your programs, and have a very merry Christmas!

Oh! Could you e-mail me ( your address? I want to send you a Christmas card!