Sunday, December 2, 2007

yoga bliss to snowy stress

i just got back from a weekend yoga retreat, which we had to cut 3 hours short due to inclement weather (cold, blowing, crazy snow!). the owner of the lodge came to my yoga instructor half-way through one of our sessions today and said that we needed to leave or that we wouldn't make it back home. hmm... leave it is!
so in the middle of warrior two pose we had to pack up our bags and skedaddle out before the snow took over. no shavasan or anything! then we drove through the nasty weather on nasty roads to get home. needless to say, all the relaxing i did over the weekend may have been undone by our stressful drive.
we are home safe now, which is nice. and still, i am grateful for weekend of stretching and mindfullness.
tomorrow brandon and i have date with destiny: we take the GRE! on the practice exams i have been scoring well on the verbal, but not so well on the math and brandon vice versa. too bad we can't just combine our scores! :)
so please pray, wish, hope, root (whatever it is you would like) for our success on this exam. it will play a role in if/where we get in and how much funding we receive so it feels like a lot is on the line.
oh how i can't wait for lunch tomorrow when we have this behind us...

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