Tuesday, November 27, 2007

return from the south

our trip to austin was loads of fun and chock full of activities. we spent LOTS of time with the overstreet family, hiked to the top of enchantment rock, partook of deepfried pickles (which are gluten-full if you were wondering), biked, drank purple margaritas, kayaked, took pictures, shopped, and...ATE. oh did we eat! food is such a splendid thing that brings families together.

we spent the first few days there in austin, eating turkey with the family. then on friday we took off for port aransas/corpus christi. it was very cold and spit rain for most of the time, but we still had a great time on our "vacation within a vacation"! rob, justin, court, brandon, and i spent friday night bait fishing off the pier. it was raining so hard that within 5 minutes each of us were thoroughly soaked.

we are exhausted now and happy to be home, although our systems had to do a rapid adjustment from the warm sun we enjoyed yesterday to the fluffy snow we found on the ground today. here are just a few photos...the rest are on our flickr site

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