Saturday, November 17, 2007

travels and tales to come

i've spent the day doing the wash and trying to narrow down my list of items to take to austin. i am horrible at packing, truly awful. to top it off i always end up wearing the same thing over and over so i could just bring one outfit and be golden. anyhow, the progress is slow, but measurable.

we take off tomorrow to spend some time with erik and kayla, which i am thrilled we can fit in. i am also grateful for their willingness to cart us out to the airport.

our flight takes off monday for the lone star state and we are very much looking forward to being warm(er). it should be an interesting adventure trying to eat gluten free in the airports, but i am coming prepared with backup items if needed. sadly however, one cannot live on larabars alone.

hopefully we can get some GRE studying in during our flights and layovers, but we shall see how well our attention span holds out. i so want to do well and know that studying will help but pulling that huge book open feels like an insurmountable task!

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