Sunday, November 4, 2007

fall favorites

i think that my favorite fall day has always been daylight savings.
it is wonderful to be able to sleep in late and then to be able to shake off those feelings of guilt for your laziness--because really you aren't sleeping in that late. i, being the lover of sleep that i am, revel in that bonus hour of shuteye.
as the day goes on you keep thinking that surely it is later, then you look at the clock and remember "oh yeah, we set our clocks back." sweet, more bonus time!
because it gets darker earlier you begin to prepare to get into bed, with your body telling you that the time to sleep is drawing near. then suddenly you realize that you are in bed at 9:30!
daylight savings seems like the one day of the year when you aren't racing against the clock and i like that feeling.
to top off the beauty of daylight savings we had delightful, warm fall weather . although this photo is one i took a couple of weeks ago, it captures the feel of our day.

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