Wednesday, November 14, 2007

meeting rowan

we think he is just the best!

we took off a couple days of work and school to hang out with our godson, rowan. he is incredible and perfect, and looks just like his daddy. we are pretty stoked on him!

here he is with his daddy, being chill.

he is thinking who the heck is this lady? yep, that would be his godmum!

logan and alyssa have one great little dude: he takes being mellow seriously and only cries when he needs a diaper change or to eat. what a way to be! it was hard to say goodbye, but we are looking forward to holding him again soon.

here's The Godfather

we also went to seattle to hang out with kemi & sara, which was loads of fun. they drove us around and put up with getting our city fixes (REI, asian food, freemont market, etc.). all i could think the whole time was how lucky i am to have such awesome girlfriends! sadly, we didn't get any photos.

then i met with a couple of my professors and asked them to write letters of recommendation for graduate school. both of them said they would have no trouble writing me positive letters, so that was a huge burden lifted. now the onus is just on me to get my statement of purpose put together....

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Maryann said...

ha ha ha! I love the pic of him looking up at you. Very skeptical. :)