Saturday, November 22, 2014

jude, 10 months

age: 10 months

weight: 19.5 pounds

length: 27.5 inches.

clothing size: 12 months.

nicknames: jude bug, judeabega, and juda still hold strong. sometimes she is just "bug". 

health: she continues to be super healthy. we are so thankful her health has been as easy as her spirit. she starts daycare part-time soon so hopefully her immune system is ready for the germ-fest!

sleep: mostly through the night, with disruptions here and there that totally throw us off!

diet: all the foods. no dislikes, she even pulled sliced beets off my plate and chomped away. yucko!

baby gear love: her pack 'n play and pieces of string. now that she is on the move all.the.time. having her contained in the garage or his office space is the only way brandon can get much done on his days with jude. she also loves to play with strings of all kinds. forget expensive toys, she appears to like the simplest of things!

loves: practicing her "walking" by holding onto our fingers and dragging us around the house. she also loves talking to perfect strangers, which is painful for her introverted parents. 

dislikes: getting in the carseat or taking naps. now that she can pull herself up to sitting or standing, naps are so blase. 

milestones: legitimately crawling (from time-to-time), pulling herself up to standing, and lowering herself back down. 

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