Sunday, August 12, 2007

imac in abu dhabi

i have been anxiously tracking the status of our ipod and imac. both have shipped now!
however, the shipping log for the ipod shows it going from shanghia to anchorage to indianapolis to portland. a real direct route. hmmm... what are these mac folks doing to me?
as for the computer, it went shanghia to anchorage to memphis. what on earth is my computer doing in memphis? hopefully picking up some music! it seems absurd to me that it wouldn't just be shipped south from anchorage to portland. it may as well go to abu dhabi for a well-rounded trip!
its no wonder we have a fuel crisis. among many causes, arbitarily shipping people's orders all over the world doesn't seem like the best use of our dwendeling supply of oil.
i'm not really angry (although the above rant would lead one to think so) i am just at a loss. hopefully the box arrives with fun stickers from all of the places our computer and ipod have been to lately!

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