Saturday, October 19, 2013

t minus 10 weeks

how far along: 30+ weeks
total weight gain/loss: 25 lbs
maternity clothes: currently i am working on some painting projects for our kitchen remodel, so i am spending the day in painting clothes, which means my belly is hanging out the bottom of my shirt. i'm sure i have paint on my belly, but i can't see it so i'll pretend it isn't there!
stretch marks: still none, but i feel my skin on my stomach crying "mercy" so i think it is just a matter of time.
sleep: a few rough nights earlier this week, but the last two nights have been solid and i have a whole different lease on life!
best moment this week: when our friend's daughter, anjali, was able to feel the baby's movements and was so excited to "touch the baby."

food cravings: apple cider!
gender: female.
what i miss: not having a laundry list of things that i need to do every night. between the last stage of our kitchen remodel, my grading (for 4 classes!), and projects for the nursery, i wonder how i will get all this stuff done.
milestones: brandon and i completed "birthing class" this past weekend down in fort collins. it was incredibly helpful for both of us and initiated conversation that otherwise might not have come up. in addition, we squeezed in one last camping trip for the year, which is also likely the last camping trip with just the two of us. 


Lyssa said...

What a cool cool time for you guys. So exciting and special. The last little bit of just two... so awesome. You have really done it right I think. Utilizing your time and keeping active is going to be something you can look back on with no regrets (and the healthy lifestyle is supposed to really help with labor I hear ;) so, well done!) I'm so so so happy for you guys and hope that these next weeks are full of smiles and fun and that you feel alright physically as you gear up for the big day!

loverstreet said...

thanks lyss! we are excited for what is to come, but enjoying our time as just the two of us!