Sunday, December 8, 2013

ready for a christmas baby (hopefully!)

how far along: 37.5 weeks.

total weight gain/loss: a lot.

maternity clothes: exclusively and those are starting to reach "capacity" as this belly grows out in front of me!

stretch marks: still none, amazingly. i have a feeling when this baby is out they will make their appearance though--i think my skin is just stretched too tight now to show them.

sleep: what is that again? i usually get a good 3 hours at the start, which ends with a trip to the bathroom and then restless tossing and turning the remainder of the night. it feels cruel because i know i "need to sleep before baby comes" (as everyone in the world likes to remind me right now) but it isn't for lack of trying!

best moment this week: going out into the mountains to find a christmas tree with brandon and harvey. it was a gorgeous, sunny day and luckily brandon's snow clothes fit over my giant baby bump so i could still enjoy myself outside without freezing in the single-digit temps!

1 comment:

Allan said...

I think Harvey did a great job taking the photos of the tree hunt!

You two (three) well four counting Harvey look great.