Tuesday, December 24, 2013


i've always admired people who compete in the pole, pedal, paddle in bend. i remember watching at the finish line at drake park when my kindergarten PE teacher was a competitor.

today we instituted a christmas eve tradition (can you call something a tradition on the first go round?): a sunset ski followed by bowls of grandma's delicious clam chowder. brandon nailed her chowder recipe and it was an incredibly comforting meal after our short ski up at happy jack. 

i am thrilled i could squeeze my feet into my ski boots (compression socks were required) and get my body in motion on the day before my due date. (i did have to wear brandon's snow clothes, as none of mine currently fit.)

as we were returning to the parking lot after our ski, i realized that over the course of my pregnancy i did my own version of the pole, pedal, paddle race. i just stretched it out over many months while carrying a whole extra person. that counts for something right? the pregnancy pole pedal paddle!

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