Tuesday, January 21, 2014

jude bug, the wiggle worm

here is a little video of jude from this morning. she really likes checking out the world on her own in the mornings, which is awesome because it gives me time to drink my coffee and eat before she requires much of me. she is still a pretty content little one.

(sorry for the poor video quality. those of you who care about the video likely won't care about the quality...)

we are getting a little better at life with jude as we learn her needs and cues. she has taken to a bottle, so i get up for the middle of the night feeding but brandon does the early morning feeding, allowing me to sleep in a smidge. i think brandon enjoys being able to participate in feeding her and i really enjoy sleeping in! 

the other night brandon did the middle of the night feeding, so i went without seeing jude for about 10 hours. i swear she grew up in that time! it was incredibly strange for me to go that long without seeing her!


Maryann said...

eeeee so cute!

Lyssa said...

I turned up the volume on this one before I remembered how wonderfully quiet the little ones are ;) So sweet, so precious. Love it.