Wednesday, June 11, 2008

into the wild

we have had a lot happening here in jackson these past few weeks, but at the library you can only use the computer for 15 minutes at a time (without a reservation and those are hard to come by). anyhow, please understand that it is lack of internet time--not lack of stories--that has kept me from posting much here.

my job is shaping up well...mostly due to the fabulous people on my crew. i think it is going to be a low-drama staff. a couple of the guys are from the czech republic so it is fun to learn about their country and a little czech along the way. i am finding myself doing a lot more with aquatic invasive species protection that i anticipated. unfortunately i don't know much about it, but i am quickly learning and trying to put that new knowledge to some good.

brandon is at fire camp currently (in the SNOW in JUNE!!!) so i'll have to leave it to him to update on his job. overall, i think he enjoys it and the guys he works with are all really easy going and good-natured.

in more exciting news i had my first (and i pray last) run in with a grizzly last week. my friend megan and i were hiking and this "city family" coming down the trail told us there was a grizz just ahead on the trail. neither of us believed them, but the dad insisted on showing us and was gracious to take us to the location so we wouldn't surprise the furry creature. according to the ranger we ran into later the bear was recently left behind by its momma and was learning how to navigate on its own.

i had my birthday present out and ready to go (bear spray that is) should he take interest in us. however, he looked at us and basically shrugged his shoulders as if to say "whatever". i was relieved that we didn't look appetizing and we gave him plenty of space in case he changed his mind. we were both stoked and completely freaked out as we continued on our hike. as we walked away i realized i had forgotten to breathe for the entire time we where thinking "nice bear" thoughts. oops! i certainly learned to never leave home without the bear spray.
we have also seen lots of moose, marmots, elk, and bald eagles. i even saw a pine martin for the first time.

in other news, papa arrives tomorrow! i am really eager to show off our new little home and to introduce him to the tetons--which he has never seen. i'll try to get some photos to post of his visit.

in the meantime, i hope each of you get to planning your trips to jackson soon as we always welcome visitors!


Lyssa said...

Hey you guys! I finally found out what your blog address is! Rowan is asleep at the moment but I'm sure he'll be very interested in the pictures and hearing all about what you guys are up to when he wakes up. Or... maybe he'll just want to bang on the keyboard and try to chew on the laptop screen. I try to keep up on posting recent pictures of the little guy on our blog. If you have a spare minute you'll have to check it out. If you don't I totally understand. Logan deals with the same problems having only limited internet access and even more limited phone time. We're doing well and hope that we can hook up and hang out sometime. Most likely when you're back in Oregon eh. You're in our thoughts and prayers! Love ya!

andreaschumaker said...

I finally have a moment to say Hi :) It sounds like everything is going fantastic for you and Brandon! I bet you're loving the scenery and water. We miss you like crazy, mostly I miss our walks to the office and the good ol coffee stop :) We're getting ready to leave for Jamaica- It's been really crazy! Well It was good to hear from you- we miss you and hope to see you soon! Lots of Love Your WAY!!! <3