Wednesday, July 23, 2008

say hello to my new friend...

that's right folks, this girl finally learned how to drive a manual. finally being the imperative term there. i have been painfully ashamed of myself for the past 9 years that this has not been something i have mastered. i like to pride myself on being a good driver (a fast one admittedly, but a safe one none-the-less). since i began driving i have had many people try to teach me: papa, old boyfriends, friends, brandon, step-dads, bosses... the list goes on. i just never could master it without the enjoyable bucking effect or speed-racer-style backing.

what, you say, was the trick this time? a man from the czech republic whose limited english included the critical word: slowly. one boring afternoon at work i turned to ondra and sheepishly said, "would you teach me how to drive a manual?" "not a problem. it is perfect," was his reply. and a perfect match of teacher and pupil it was.

so we set off down a long, winding, hilly gravel road where he calmly encouraged me to practice many un-fun things (i.e., starting on a hill, downshifting, braking suddenly, etc.). i got it though and since then i have been a shifting machine. i can't get enough of it-- i am driving all over the place!

this right of passage has liberated me. i feel like a more independent, capable woman now and i am so happy to shake off those feelings of shame that have been haunting me over this for the past 9 years.

next goal on the list: learning how to back a trailer. i'll keep you posted on the progress with this task.

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