Sunday, January 18, 2009

quick confession

we haven't posted much, because there hasn't been much worthy of sharing.  life feels like work, work, work, time with harvey, maybe time with each other, and then comes wednesday. wednesday is our one full day off together and so far each week we have carved out time to go to breakfast.  it is a new tradition that we are treasuring.  there is so much less pressure on breakfast--the food is cheaper, the dress is more casual, the talk is more lighthearted and silly. plus, if the food wasn't that great or the server treated us less than cordially, we have a whole day to redeem our date instead of a date night ruined.  

my job at the nordic center has a rhythm to it that is comforting, although the afternoons tend to pick up too much speed.  my coworkers are mostly all laid-back and sarcasm abounds so i am content.  i even get paid to ski every now and again.

a few weeks ago there was a little boy who kept peeking his head around the door into the "kitchen".  i caught him and told him he better watch out or i would put him to work.  this lead to an extended conversation on the merits of each gift he received for christmas, his favorite television shows and movies, and stories about his dog.  with each topic, he would become more and more excited. harrison is his name and he is about 4 years old. he promised to come back and visit me on the weekends and since then he has made good on his promise, coming to see me three weekends in a row. according to his mom, during the week all he talks about is going to the ski place so he can see the "burrito girl" (such a prestigious title, i know).  

today his heartfelt confession took the cake: he came up and ordered hot cocoa with his dad.  i poured the chocolate and turned to him and said, "would you like whip cream?".  his response, which came pouring out at rapid speed was, "i love you!"  with that he ran off with his hands over his mouth and left his father and i standing at the counter laughing. looks like next weekend when he comes to visit i might have some explaining to do about my heart belonging to another equally adorable and sweet guy.  


Maryann said...

Oh my gosh, that's so adorable. How brave of him!

Kathryn said...

Don't break his heart, Burrito
Girl. You could be one of his childhood memories that he'll dredge up when he confesses all his past loves to his wife (not to put any pressure on you or anything :)