Friday, June 18, 2010

hope grows

we have a very small garden in our backyard. i am getting a little bit of teasing from my friends about how "hopeful" i am. what i hear when they say this is actually how crazy they think i am. grow vegetables in wyoming, at 7500 ft., where the growing season is approximately 90 days? well now that i think about, it does sound crazy. but i am nothing if not crazy, right? 

i must confess, i am proud of the hope i have for my postage stamp garden. i really believe we are going to grow things outside & eventually eat them. i have had an indoor herb garden many times, but an outside garden seems so much more ambitious. & also a lot more likely to fail, i admit. but i am going to keep on hoping that some good soil, a little water, & sunshine will work magic!
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i am so hopeful in fact, that i just joined veggietrader. i am preparing for a plethora of squash & kale, which i hope to trade for other things we didn't plant, like cucumbers or green beans. even though it is unlikely, i am holding out hope that by september i have had-it-up-to-here with recipes involving straighneck squash and zucchini. 

in the meantime, it is eggs in a nest for dinner tonight.

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