Tuesday, October 5, 2010

inaugural girls' weekend: vegas style

kemi, sara {mia}, & i have been trying to start a tradition of taking an annual get-away together for some time. we finally made it happen this past weekend & went to vegas! what a perfect place to kick of a tradition of fun, shopping, food, & laughs.

we went dancing EVERY night & my feet have still not recovered. i am not sure they will ever forgive me for forcing them into 3" heels & then proceeding to dance my way through vegas. i learned i don't much care for dancing to house music, that every club plays the "new york" & "all the single ladies" at least once per night, & that getting ready to go out is half the fun. 

on the last night we found ourselves at an irish pub with a live band. turns out dancing to irish music involves a lot of jumping, elbow swinging, & beer drinking. this trifecta resulted in a pint of beer being poured down my back & tired legs. it was by far my favorite place though!
we also saw a circ de soleil show. wow! i can't wait to see another one. it was breathtaking & totally worth the money! 

mia found the biggest slot machine i have ever seen! we didn't gamble much {i didn't at all, actually}, but put our money towards other things, like clothes & coffee. luckily we didn't have to buy our own drinks since they are so expensive there! ahh, the benefits of being a girl in vegas...
this was our hotel, the luxor. one wall of our room was slanted glass, so that was sort of strange. the lobby boasted four starbucks which kept us running on less than four hours of sleep per night. i even stayed up long enough to catch a SUNRISE... 

i'm already scheming where to plan our get-away for next year!


Maryann said...

definitely looks like good times!

mommarazzi said...

Hurray for you! Circ de Soleil is amazing isn't it? The music alone is great.

Never had a hankering to go to Vegas but your description makes it sound tempting. :)