Sunday, November 21, 2010

koi of my dreams

for all my productivity yesterday, today has been a letdown. i woke up today feeling full-on sick. i have been mildly sick all week, but this morning kept me cooped up in the house trying to sleep it off. i hope a day of laying low & accomplishing nothing has helped me kick whatever this nasty bug was. i have to be all better for our trip!

luckily i finished my pants last night & they are all packed. {yes mom, i am packed already!} i love these pants! the pattern was a bit unclear, so there was a point where i had one large tube instead of a pair of pants. whoops! thanks goodness for seam rippers, right? i have had other simplicity patterns that have been somewhat vague, so i am thinking of avoiding that brand in the future. don't they know that if their pattern is marketed to novice sewers the must explain EVERYTHING?!?

i am so glad to have conquered my sewing machine--it haunted me each time i went in our spare room, reminding me that i wasn't smart enough to master it. take that singer!

here are a few pictures brandon took last night. (disregard the crazed sewer's disheveled appearance please!)
brandon insisted i do something "spicy" {what exactly did he mean by that?} for the second photo. not sure if this silliness was what he had in mind...
this is a close-up of the material. after the supplies {1/2 price material, pattern, elastic} these pants were still cheaper than old navy p.j.s so i am happy. it is discouraging when your handmade items end up costing more than you would pay at a store.
i have a couple of other pieces of fabric i am scheming what to do with next. after taking the sewing 101 class at mama said sew & successfully following a pattern, i am looking forward to future sewing projects.


mommarazzi said...

Good for you Lindsey! I agree that Simplicity patterns are a bit tricky to decipher. The patterns I used for the bridesmaids' and flower girls' dresses were Simplicity. It was a very awkwardly guided step by step.

I don't know which pattern company would be clearer. Quik Sew perhaps. Sewing patterns are still easier for me to figure out than knitting or crocheting instructions though. Never seemed to get the hang of either of those.

loverstreet said...

glad to know i am not alone. i will keep my eye out for quik sew patterns. thanks for the tip!
amazing job on wedding party dresses. you were a busy bee!

The Ingrams said...

So cute! Way to go!

I'm so lame when it comes to sewing... I tell myself I will learn eventually. Good for you for conquering the machine!