Sunday, February 20, 2011

lately, lately

life has felt down-right crazy lately. i love my internship placement site more & more each day, but i feel like the rest of my life is spiraling out of control with busy-ness. for the record, i can't stand that feeling. it makes me have minor breakdowns on a regular basis. i have encountered some emotionally difficult situations at the hospital that i can't post about {HIPPA regulations rule my life these days}. the situations that involve babies & kids are the hardest, but also the richest. i am so happy i love my internship & that even on the worst of days i joyfully look forward to going back to work.

school on the other hand has been a royal pain. perhaps i am just checked out & experiencing a bout of "short-timer's syndrome" but i am over it. sadly, it doesn't look like i will have my thesis done on time. i hope i can be done by the end of may. fingers crossed.

i have been sewing a bit when i can. recently i recovered our old {read: disgusting} ironing board. i don't dread ironing near as much now that it looks fancy & new. i am in a 20-somethings quilt club so i think that ironing board & i are going be be close friends as i work on my newest project. 

i also recovered the boring strap on my camera with some fun fabric. i am hoping the whimsical, girly print will dissuade would-be thieves {including brandon}. 
two days after we got the legitimate check from domino's to cover harvey's vet bill we had another "harvey incident". brandon took him skiing in the backcountry, which he has done regularly all winter, & the two of them collided. the impact of brandon's skis on harvey's leg resulted in a severed achilles tendon for poor harvey boy. brandon & his friends had to fashion a dog splint & stretcher so they could carry him out. apparently the evac took over 4 hours. 
harvey had surgery to reattach the tendon & has to be in a full-length hard cast for 2 months. we are 3 weeks in & it is rough keeping him mellow. we got directions from the vet that said "no running, jumping, playing, or running free for minimum of 12 weeks." obviously the vet doesn't know our dog or his never-stop-playing-for-1/2-a-second personality. 
in other news... we are staying in laramie! brandon accepted an offer to do his PhD in watershed resource sciences {i think that is the right name...} so we will be living in laramie for the next 3-5 years. we are both excited about staying here for the next bit as we {mostly} adore our charming little town & love the friends we have made here. the only concern we have is about me finding a job here so i don't have to commute. we have been looking at homes for sale & plan to buy next fall/winter, depending on my job situation.

i hope to be able to post more regularly, but it is hard to get around to updating this blog when i should be doing homework or working on my thesis. my favorite professor would tell me to "stop shoulding on myself" though. :)


mommarazzi said...

"Should" is one of those words we use a lot isn't it? I think women use it more than men.

Thanks for taking the time to keep all of us updated on your life there. Hope you can keep your pup from undoing the progress he is making so he will be able to be 100% for your summer adventures.

Great ironing board cover and camera strap!

Kathryn said...

Awww, poor Harvey. Some animals, like some people, are just accident prone. He's fortunate to have understanding people :)