Tuesday, November 22, 2011

photos, finally.

here are some pictures of our living room, which is the most finished of all the rooms of our new house. although the warm yellow/gold might be a bit much for some people, i wake up every morning thrilled with the paint color we chose! (bee by sherwin williams, if anyone is interested.)

a while back, i recovered that teal chair
in the corner and i love how it turned out!

my favorite corner of our house right now.

i picked this print up in santa fe this fall and i am so glad i did!

the view from the kitchen sink.

the pass through in all its glory!
(still waiting on barstools and ignore that internet
cable running across the floor. we obviously have a
bit of work left to do--like paint the trim on the pass-through!)
now on to work on other rooms so we can share photos of them!


Maryann said...

yes yes yes! I adore the wall color--very warm and bright. Can't wait to see more!

mommarazzi said...

I've been toying with the idea of putting that color in our den. It's a southern exposure room though and I'm afraid the color will make if feel more warm in the summer than it already feels. What do you think?

I love your decor and style!

Home ownership becomes you :0)

loverstreet said...

glad you like it maryann!

tammy, i haven't given too much thought to the summer, simply because it doesn't get nearly as hot here as it does in portland. good point though. honestly, the color makes me so happy that i can't imagine not liking it. i think you should go for it! you can always paint over it if it is too much!

Lyssa said...

Your house looks like a magazine! :) can't wait to visit.

DougieB said...

Love. This. You guys have done some great work, and we need to come up and see it!

Kathryn said...

Nice job! Love your understated style. And I love that color. Yellow rules!