Thursday, January 5, 2012

a decade makes a great start

january 5th is a special day for brandon and i: the day we started dating. ten years ago. ten. whoa! 

how did i get so lucky to find this incredible man, loyal friend, and devoted husband while i was still in high school? we have so many shared memories, and yet, it seems our lives together have just begun. i am grateful that i think of this past decade as just the beginning and that i still feel all googly-eyed about him. 


i was thinking about what was going on in the world 10 years ago:

  • enrique iglesias' 'hero' was a popular song (that i am pretty sure i sang while thinking about brandon. gag.).
  • the enron trials were just beginning.
  • women everywhere thought they were rocking in their velour tracksuits. we later discovered that not even j-lo looks attractive in a velour tracksuit.
  • everyone we knew was forwarding us the doctored photo of the shark jumping out of the water at the Air Force chopper. and we forwarded it on to ten people for fear of sudden death if we didn't keep the chain mail alive. 
  • americans were eagerly chowing down on bacon and blue cheese in hopes of atkinsing themselves into their skinny clothes.

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