Saturday, March 31, 2012

all creatures great and small

since the chicks have been consuming most of our "oohs" and "aahs" lately, i'm sure harvey is a bit jealous. or just thinks the fuzzy buggers would be tasty snacks. either way, he quivers whenever he watches the egg-producing machines chicks. 

looking quite stoned.
hopefully he is not licking his chops in
anticipation of eating one of the chicks!
we are hoping to finish the chicken coop this weekend and i will share pictures of the process and the coop when it is finished up. the girls won't go out there until the middle or end of may, so they continue to cause a ruckus in their half a cardboard refrigerator box in the basement. 

i got my garden starts planted last weekend and the first things to sprout are my basil and thai basil plants. i take this as sure sign of a great summer, as nothing says "summer" to me quite like basil! and homegrown tomatoes.

i plan to have a gargantuan garden this year with heaps of tomato, zucchini, cucumber, and pea plants. oh, and oodles of kale, lettuce, spinach, garlic, and onions. going from our postage stamp garden to our new backyard makes this gardening girl incredibly happy! 


Maryann said...

this post made me hungry! And I want to hug Harvey.

kitty said...
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