Monday, December 10, 2012

this one time...

...we moved our chicken coop. remember that sweet chicken coop we built earlier this year? yeah, we decided it was in the wrong place. whah whah. 

once i mindlessly uttered the words "wouldn't it be nice if the chicken coop was over there?" it was a project that could not be averted. luckily i have a husband that takes those mindless utterances of mine and makes them into a reality.

between the garden and the chicken coop, all we had left for a yard was a thin strip of grass, so we opted to move the coop to open it up a bit. once we started the move we had to finish the move THAT day, since the chicks had to have somewhere to sleep that night.

brandon literally scratching his head about how we were going to make this work.
foundation laid, ready to rock and roll.
the critical tool brandon had to buy for this project was a hand winch.
and it was the best $14 we ever spent! 
no chickens were harmed in this move (surprisingly). 
we had the coop jacked up for the move, forgetting that the chickens would need to lay their eggs. being creatures of habit they ignored our pleas to stay out of the coop and crawled right in, laying their eggs while we hoisted the coop along.
frankie screeched at me most of the day for disrupting her home.

almost there.
i'm fairly certain the chicks thought we dug this trench just so they could clamber in and out all day. the tasty worms they found at the bottom of the trench only served to reinforce that notion.
the post-disaster aftermath. 
this picture makes me think of families searching through the ruins after a tornado. 
the coop all settled into the new corner.
the other motivation for this project was to allow brandon to tear out his
least favorite plant on the property: this lillac that was in the center of our yard.
he battled this bush from the day we moved in.
in fact, he has an incredibly gnarly scar. from a lilac. he is so hardcore.
although we only moved this 10' long building 12' to the east, it was a bit of an ordeal. on the plus side, it was completely worth it! i can't wait for spring to roll around so we can make something of our open, expansive backyard.


Maryann said...

WOW! I am super impressed. And a scar from a lilac is amazing. Your chickens are lucky to live with you two!

Lyssa said...

This post has provided many minutes of entertainment, counting (chickens) practice, and conversation about what Brandon was thinking about and how winches work... among other things :) Thanks for the great story and pictures! I wish we lived closer so we could come visit and see it all in person!

^^^ Here's a note from Katie. She says "it say wuv Bwandon God Windsey" which tranlates "God loves Brandon and Lindsey" :)

Lyssa said...