Tuesday, May 21, 2013

sporadic blogging

it feels like not much has been happening in our lives that is "blog worthy" since i returned from honduras. i suppose that is the way life works sometimes, with big, intense waves that leave silence and solace in their wake.

we have been steadily chipping away at house kitchen projects and brandon built a great built-in bench for the dining corner of our kitchen. this, of course, led us to have to find a new table because our other table was much too big to allow both the back door to open and access to the utensils, so each time we needed to get to one or the other we had to hoist the table a foot in the opposite direction. (does anyone else feel like all home projects are essentially variations of the if you give a mouse a cookie book? you can't even consider doing one project without 13 other projects suddenly requiring immediate attention!)

last week i had a training down in denver, so brandon joined me for a little work/leisure trip. while i spent the days being inundated on the techniques of motivational interviewing, he (mostly) kayaked in the whitewater park in golden, co. we also managed to completely fall for golden -- bike paths and great restaurants are everywhere and the life of the city seems to center around the river (and, the coors brewery, but alas...). it was fun to live the "city life" for a bit, but are hearts were both content to return to the quiet of laramie.

now that spring has finally appeared (the first leaves began to sprout on the trees just last week), we are looking ahead to yard improvements. i have my sprouts started for the garden and i'm hoping to get them in the ground about june 1, provided the snow doesn't plan to return. we have ordered sod and brandon is installing a sprinkler system, which will really transform our backyard. there are very few true pleasures in life that come in the form of instant gratification -- laying sod is one of them though!

our plan is to head to the black hills for memorial day weekend, but we just might scratch that in favor of sticking closer to home and tooling around the house.

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