Sunday, August 31, 2014

jude, 8 months

age: 8 months

weight: not too sure, haven't checked in a while. 

length: also not sure on this measurement.

clothing size: 6-9 months is ideal still, but we are creeping into 6-12 months too.

nicknames: jude bug and judabega seem to be the reigning champs. 

health: this kiddo has been pretty healthy but has had a few more head bonks lately and accidentally burned her right foot last week while playing in the sink. she loves the water so when i turned it off she reached out to crank it back up, grabbing the hot water and scalding her poor little foot. she wailed and wailed, but some lavender oil did the trick and there is no scar to speak of. 

sleep: she is back to sleeping solidly again, going to bed at 8, waking up about 5:50 for a nurse in our bed, then going back to her crib until 7 or 8.

diet: all the foods! boy, she loves to eat her baby food. her pincher reflex is not very strong so she doesn't usually get finger foods into her mouth, but instead squishes them in her palm until they aren't very edible. i find this ironic as EVERYTHING else goes straight to her mouth.

baby gear love: a counter-mount "high chair" (ours was a hand-me-down). it is awesome to not have our floor space taken up by a bulky high chair. plus, then she can sit at the bar while i cook and we were able to take it camping where we clamped it right onto the picnic table. 

loves: clapping her hands, blowing raspberries, sticking her tongue out, making guttural sounds, camp fires, sleeping in a tent, and sleeping with a book in her crib. 

dislikes: harvey licks on her face (she loves his kisses on her hands, arms, legs, and feet though), going to bed without her stomach being 100% full, and home-made baby food.

milestones: she said her first word and it was clearly... "mama"! it warms my heart to hear her mouth "ma ma ma ma" although i don't think she knows it is my title quite yet. never-the-less, i'll take it. we are working on "dada" so maybe she can say that by the time he gets home from his field work.

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Joylynn Reardon said...

My goodness.... That gorgeous girl looks like her Mama to me :-) Beautiful!