Monday, July 16, 2007

changing currents

the desire in both brandon's and my own heart is to live in the current (as our blog address states). this of course is literal: to be on the water that we love. but it is also figurative: to be in the present - the here and now. the difficult thing is that the here and now is ever-changing. "the current" is a fluid concept and we want to go with that.

since making the choice to change my direction away from a career in marriage and family therapy i feel like i am fighting to keep my feet on the ground. i decided on a ph.d. in sociology so i could study cults, which i find so fascinating. the unfortunate thing is this advanced degree limits me to essentially one profession: to be a professor. while it sounded interesting, it felt forced. it didn't flow with who i am or the life we want to lead.

over the past couple of weeks i have slowly released my grasp on this concept of a career. so now i am flowing with the current again, instead of fighting it. i had an insightful conversation with one of my coworkers and explained the career i think i want to have. she helped me see the paths to getting there.

as of now i am exploring options for a master's degree in rehabilitation counseling. the title made me think drug rehab, but that isn't the complete picture. my hope is to work with people who are recovering from brain injuries, whether that be due to a car accident or the poisons of chemotherapy. ideally, to work in a hospital setting as a collaborative team with neurologists and occupational therapists.

for now, i am enjoying the peace of being present and the joy that comes with riding the tide.

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