Saturday, July 14, 2007

images from the great land of the north

our trip to canada was incredible. we got lots of time out-of-doors and played hard. here are a few of the photos from our adventure: our cozy little campsite outside of sandpoint, id. we had our own little creek and a tiny deer visitor in the morning. luckily no bears visited our tent in the night.

brandon's artistic side coming out around the fire.

these were the peaks just up the road from our campsite. we actually had all of camp packed up by 8:00 and were on the road--a miracle for those who know my love of sleeping in.

stealing beer from a sasquatch?!? who do you think you are brandon?

a pretty little flower along the journey.

we rode this perfect trail (not too steep, fun and technical, along a creek, etc.) and i remembered that i like to ride bikes. after the ride the day before (or should i say the "push" the day before as i was only riding for about 1/2 km) i was a little irritated with mountain biking and brandon. after this ride i was very happy!

a nice quiet meadow at the end of the ride, where we hesitantly broke into our granola bars. we were in serious bear country so brandon did a lot of singing to let them know we did not want to be a bear lunch.

what is that you say? oh yes, a bear was once here! and when we looked around, a bear had once been at every other surrounding tree. i had been riding at an okay pace the whole time, but when brandon showed me this on the way down, i hoped on my bike with wide eyes and FLEW down the trail. nothing like fear to make you ride like the wind.

here is my love preparing to ride some epic stunts just up the mountain outside of nelson. this place was called mountain station. for me it was torture station. brandon liked it though.

our trip was amazing, the hotel we were in was a posh bargain (oxymoron?), and we had a wonderful second anniversary.

the journey continues.

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