Friday, September 14, 2007

a night at the county fair

after work tonight a bunch of us got together for a rendezvous at the county fair. despite our long-running relationship, this was the first fair brandon and i attended together. mostly we hung out with my pal amber, who is amazing and so fun!
i had big plans to get an elephant ear before we left and then to go home and deal with the stomach pains and headaches it would surely cause. in the end, reason won: i opted instead for the caramel coated apple, a gluten-free option.
there was much fun to be had in looking at the "natural anomalies" of the fruits and veggies and the "mr. potato head decorating contest" to gleeful cheers inspired by the lionhead rabbit (i so want one!)
the other critter i was introduced to was a shetland sheep--can you imagine how much cuter miniature lambs would be. i told brandon that someday one of those is going to be in our family.

the other thing that i realized about fairs is why my parents always dreaded taking us: they cost a fortune! this one was free to get into, but the games and rides were upwards of $5 each! the food was a bit spendy, but the activities were overboard so we enjoyed tasty treats, people watched, and saw silly veggies and cute animals. sounds like a good night to me!


Maryann Shaw said...

Ok, so the bunny is so cute it hurts.

loverstreet said...

imagine this thing in real life, right there within reach! i let out a little "ohhh" when i saw it.
i had rabbits when i was little, but they take a lot of work and mine always hid behind the toilet.

Anonymous said...

I highly recomend lionhead rabbits i own a 2 year old sable piont buck but before geeting a rabbit you must know the responsibilies and the time it takes