Tuesday, September 11, 2007

too much happening

i am home this morning feeling much less than 100% with a nasty sinus, post-nasal drip, congestion thing happening. i have a lot of police related things to deal with at work, so i am going to go in to the office here in a bit. grrr.
this week just feels totally swamped for both of us. i think i am going to drop my super-lame class. it consumes one of our nights together (5:30-8:30), it isn't interesting, and there is so much work. oh, and i don't need the credit! it is just "for fun". brandon continues to ask, "why are you taking this class?" and i don't have an answer. i truly dread it.
in other things, brandon has a major exam, a late-night work shift, and a field trip all before thursday. he has even more happening than me!
basically, i just can't wait for the weekend, to have time with him (hopefully without my sickness).
ultimately this post is quite anti-climactic, just a little glimpse into our busy week.

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