Saturday, March 29, 2008

the countdown has begun

...may 5th is the day when i finish up at my job. the remaining 26 work days will be jam-packed with candidates on campus interviewing for my position, the family housing carnival, the community yard sale, and saying goodbyes.

i have had a lot of unpleasant feelings about living here these past two years, but just as we are about to leave the tides have shifted. now we have a thai restaurant! that really changes everything for this asian-food-loving-girl! i think i could be happy here for a bit longer, but the time has come for us to move on.

still not a lot of news in the way of graduate school. i called CSU this afternoon to see where they are at in the process, but only reached voicemails. grrr. more waiting is in store it seems.

in other news, i now have permission to look on and checkout possible additions to our little clan. we are really hoping to find an australian shepherd-poodle mix. i know, i know, 'a poodle?' you say, but the lack of (or limited) shedding factor is huge. plus, i love the curly hair look--it just makes dogs look a little more scruffy. by the way, 'scruffy' is the primary characteristic we will be basing the pet selection on. so if you hear of any aussiedoodle puppies in need of a great home, please let us know!

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