Wednesday, March 19, 2008

long few weeks

so much has happened recently that i debated even posting as there is just too much to cover.  first off, my trip to spartanburg was incredible and i am missing the warm weather, wonderful people, and rewarding work that made up our trip.  the people who planned all the alternative breaks warned me that there would be drama and that i should anticipate major team issues.  i experienced neither and instead got to work with a dream team.  go team Haba-Tat!

while on the trip i found out that my grandma warner passed away.  it was for the best but it was still devastating.  she hasn't had much in the way of quality of life and i am glad to know she isn't suffering any longer.  none-the-less, i am sad and i mourn her.  growing up papa always made me say "i love you and i miss you" as i got off the phone.  that sums up how i feel now.  it has been a rough month losing papa overstreet and now grandma warner.  

just last night my bike was stolen from in front of our house.  i finished giving the police report a few minutes ago and don't have much hope for its return.  hopefully the renter's insurance will come through! :)

in other news here is how grad schools are stacking up for us:
  • university of washington--no news
  • university of oregon--rejected lindsey
  • university of vermont--no news
  • university of arizona--rejected brandon
  • colorado state university--no news
  • arizona state university--no news
we hope to know something soon, but are coming to terms with the idea of not getting in anywhere, as impossible as that is to swallow.  

see, so much to post that i debated the worth of putting it all up.  it is good to have it all said and hopefully to update each of you.  don't take our lack of phone calls or emails personal--life has just been busy.  

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Sara Mia said...

Wow Linds,
I'm in love with this quote!