Monday, May 26, 2008

a new rainy place to live

we arrived saturday night in the midst of a thunder & lightening storm--so far we haven't seen much else. we are both eager for those mountains to come out from hiding.

on saturday we went to a bbq and met quite a few of the folks we will be working with--awesome, chill people! we also managed to get almost all the way settled into our cabin within a few hours (making heavy use of disinfectant wipes). here are a couple of photos:during a mid-afternoon nap yesterday we also were introduced to the previous (current?) tenants of our cabin: a family of bats. one curious one came out to visit and we chased him around the place until we finally got him in a blanket and out the door. as soon as he flew out of hiding i hit the deck instantaneously. i am sure i won't live that one down all summer. we then proceeded to fill all the cracks of our cozy log cabin with expanding foam. hopefully we are the only remaining occupants, although neither of us are too confident in that.

the kayaking around our house is incredible--we are certainly going to be real live river rats this summer. brandon hit "lunch counter" wave yesterday and fell in love. we also checked out kings wave and are both excited about that as it is a 5 minute drive from our place. brandon on "lunch counter"
we'll try to post as often as possible. we have no cell service or internet access at our house, so don't feel neglected if we don't keep in touch this summer.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Dad says that he says you are not alone in the cabin. There are lots of critters in Wyoming...
Remember to take lots of B-12 and/or Bug Juice. Lulu, please do not go outside alone! I love you. Thank you for the update! Love, Mom
P.S. We busted into the "food" box - Thanks. We kept most of your goodies sealed up!

Maryann said...

You gotta love the log look, it's fantastic! I'm jealous.

Becky said...

I was actually pleasantly relieved by the photos. It's cute! When you called the first night and talked about tin foil in the cracks, I was afraid to press for more details. You were being so positive and I knew you had to be so tired, I was sure that if I asked for more details you wouldn't be able to keep it up! The bat thing however is alittle un-nerving. It sounds like you are on the right track with the foam. The forest service provides it right?!? There was no evidence of indoor water from your pics. Just an oversight right! I would love to see the view from your front porch. I love the chairs on the deck. It definitely says this is the place to be.
Well, looking forward to an update as to how the jobs are. PLUS we need an address!!! Happy Adventuring!!! Lots of Love to you both!!! Mom