Wednesday, May 7, 2008


we are currently existing in a state only the word disarray will begin to describe. we have been going back and forth between leaving tomorrow and leaving friday. i have been voting for tomorrow and brandon for friday--until tonight @ 7:30, at which time brandon changed his vote. now i am thinking there is no way we can pull it all together! can i re-vote? :)

saying our goodbyes has been rough. nearly a year ago i posted on here that we have a hard time finding "couple friends". oh, how our relationships have changed these past 12 months! we have become close with a handful of wonderful couples and it has been really hard to say "goodbye" to them. at least there is comfort in knowing we will get to see them again. the goodbyes i really dread are the ones where you know you won't see them again. those encounters feel forced and phony.

with an aching back and tired eyes, i think i am going off to bed now. here's to a speedy truck packing session in the morning; thanks due in advance to our friend afton for his help! perhaps will be seeing some of you in 24-hours!

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